What is a Dialer is a very common question so let’s clear it up a little

Auto Dialers for Call Center Services

What is a Dialer?  A Dialer also referred to predictive dialer, power dialer, call center software, or manual dialer.  These are some of the types of dialers, but the question What is a Dialer, a dialer is a software program that dials through a list of telephone numbers and passes the answered calls of to a live person.  Studies have shown that when a call center or an individual person such as a telemarketer are given the task of calling people they will not call through the list as efficiently as a computer software program.  A computer software program will continuously call the numbers in the list as long ass there is an available person to talk to someone who answers the telephone.  A person making these calls would have to manually dial the list of numbers, deal with fax machines, busy signals, no answers, etc.  The predictive dialer will call up to usually 5 numbers at any one time looking for a live person to answer the telephone.  When calling on multiple lines the chances of someone answering are greater.  At the same time the dialer is immediately starting to call the next numbers in the list as soon as the marketer becomes available to talk, this saves a tremendous amount of time.  So those of you who have asked the question What is a Dialer, this should answer your question, now lets take a look a little deeper and learn a little more about it and the types of dialers that are out there.  I am sure we should be able to answer the question what is a dialer.  What is a dialer and the types of dialers?

What is a Dialer – The Types of Dialers

The oldest dialer among the different types of dialers is the manual dialer, these have actually been around way before the telephone itself, it is a person.  A manual dialer is a person who picks up a telephone on a desk and dials the number of who they want to talk to.  This is by far the least efficient way of dialing, and quite frankly it is a complete and utter waste of your time.  What is a dialer, continue reading.

Then along came the Preview Dialer, which is a computer program that will show different phone numbers on a screen and the manual dialer will now simply select which number to call and then the preview dialer starts to dial that number.  At the end of the call the manual dialer(human being) selects another number from the list available

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What is a dialer?  Today call centers and most people making calls from a list are using what is known as a predictive dialer or power dialer.  This type of dialer is a computer software program that is set to either power dial the number sin the list 2-5 numbers at a time or predictive dialing them based on the average time it takes to keep a marketer busy on the phone at all times.  This is the most sophisticated type of dialer in use today and has been proven to increase productivity by up to 400%.  It will drastically reduce any downtime of the telemarketer by utilizing specific algorithms designed to save a company money and time.

If someone ever asks you What is a Dialer, you should now know.