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Starting a new call center is very easy with the virtual call center services by Agents Dialer!!

Our virtual, hosted dialer software is a very cost effective, fast, and easy way to start a new call center or telemarketing company. Agents Dialer is a world-wide leader in providing predictive dialer services to call centers and telemarketing originations. Signup today and see why thousands of , insurance companies, businesses, and professionals trust Agents Dialer!
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Agents Dialer introduces the number one agent sales dialer available on the market!

We use the best and most used, predictive dialer system available on the market today, which not only allows you to get started fast, but it’s a very affordable and fully managed hosted power dialer. Make more phone calls in less time, without having to dial any phone numbers at all! Just upload a list of phone numbers into the system and start calling leads within just a few short minutes…


Our Premium Outbound Telemarketing services include  Voice Broadcasting Service that allow system users and call centers to broadcast a prerecorded message to a list of phone numbers very quickly, at a very surprising low cost per call.

Predictive Dialer Information and details about our advanced predictive dialer system that allows anyone to start any size call center instantly with easy to use hosted software starting at under $60 per month! View the Predictive Dialer Packages to learn more about all of our predictive dialer packages and prices.