Predictive Dialer VOIP

Predictive Dialers many times are using VOIP, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol.  This simply means you are using the internet as your phone service and not the traditional telephone companies lines.  VOIP is becoming very widely used all over the world for phone calling due mostly to its low cost and ease of access.  You no longer need a phone company.  Now one good thing about this is that it is much easier for Predictive Dialer VOIP companies to create software that is internet or web-based and have it tied right into the many VOIP providers out there.   Predictive Dialer VOIP services are offered by various companies but all basically do the same functions which is to predictive dial over the VOIP networks.

 Predictive Dialer VOIP Software

The software that is behind the predictive dialer service basically keeps track of a list of phone numbers and dials them when it should.  It has one main goal which is to keep you the user talking to people and as quickly as possible.  This predictive dialer voip software many times will have other features to make your job easier such as call recording, live transfers, one click call dis-positioning, live monitoring, 3 way calling, email capabilities, as well as some others.

The companies who offer this predictive dialer voip software to you generally sell it as a SaaS product and will include any future upgrades at no additional costs.  Technical support is also offered by many of the predictive dialer companies.  Predictive Dialer VOIP software continues to increase in use by not only the larger companies but the smaller individuals as well.  This software has truly made it much easier for the small company or even individual stay compliant with all of the FTC regulations around The National Do Not Call List and things such as Abandoned Call Rates.  These Predictive Dialer VOIP software programs should all have safe guards installed in them to prevent you from calling anyone on the do not call list as well as keeping your abandonment rate under the allowed 3%.  This abandonment rate needs to be tracked within the software in case you ever get an audit from the FTC.  Basically, what the abandonment rate is the number of callers who answer the telephone after the predictive dialer voip software has initiated a call to them but you are not available to talk to them due to being on the line with someone else who answered the telephone.