Learn How to Increase Agents Talk Time with a Predictive Dialer System

It’s very important to get the most of a every minute in a day, especially in competitive marketing like the insurance market.

Using a predictive dialer system will increase your agents talk time and contact rates, which has many benefits that help to save time and money compared to conventional standard dialing methods.  A predictive dialer system takes traditional dialing methods to a whole new level, with increased productivity and less downtime.

Using traditional dialing methods nearly 75% of your agents time is NOT PRODUCTIVE!

Common tasks that tend to be a waste of time when not using a predictive dialer include:

  • Selecting a Number to Call
  • Physically Dialing the Number
  • Listening to annoying Busy Signals
  • Dealing with Wrong Numbers
  • Voice Mail/¬†Leaving Messages

Using a predictive dialer system will eliminate many tasks that waste time!

Increase your call volume by at least 150% and many predictive dialer system users even report well over 400%

Many business owners have learned the secret about how to increase productivity, make more money, and waste less time by automating your calling system with a predictive dialer system.