Voice Broadcast Laws

Learn more about how to legally voice broadcast

September 1, 2009 is a date I will never forget, this is the day the FTC outlawed voice broadcasting to consumers.   I was generating approximately 100 voice broadcast leads per day  for various agents and it was the easiest lead I ever generated, the computer literally did everything for me.

Once this happened, my business model completely changed, I had to start hiring telemarketers, I ended up having a call center with almost 50 marketers working full time.  Many people were trying to tell me it was still legal and you can voice broadcast for various reasons, they were all wrong.  The only way I could voice broadcast was if I was a nonprofit or a politician doing campaigning.

Voice Broadcasting Solution

Now a few years past this I heard of a company doing leads for agents where they would start the initial call off with a live telemarketer asking permission to play a recording, this is legal!  So after testing it out myself, the results have been pretty good and here is what I do.

I utilize the Agents Dialer predictive dialer system and a Ring Central line (any voice-mail message system would work).  I recorded a 30 second message onto the Ring Central Line, configured it to not ring, just play the message and then take a message the prospect leaves after listening.  SO now that this is set up, I program the Ring Central number into my phone-book on the Agents Dialer system and load a list into the dialer.  Once the dialer is ready, I start calling people and tell them I have an urgent recorded message for them and ask them if it is ok for me to play it, when they say yes, I hit the transfer button on the dialer, disposition the call and I am moved directly on to the next call, the prospect is now listening to the message and if they are interested they will leave a recording which will get emailed to my inbox.

This way is not as effective but it does and is working, many agents are generating about 15 people to listen to the recording every hour and 1-2 of them are leaving a message and becoming a lead!

To do this you only need to have the unlimited plan of the Agents Dialer and a voice message system like Ring Central.  Learn to voice broadcast legally and save yourself a lot of problems down the road.