Welcome To Agents Dialer Inc

We have been helping many businesses and individuals generate more leads for their organization since 2009.  Our predictive dialer platform combined with our voice broadcaster have helped thousands of people.  This year we are rolling out our newest system and enhanced marketing lists.  Our newest system is an Email Sending Software Program.   You can send up to 1.2 million emails per month advertising your company and/or services.  Our Marketing Lists have many more options now, we invite you to test them out.

The founder, Matt McCray, has many years experience in marketing programs and solutions to help sales teams generate more leads in less time, while spending less money.

Who Is Agents Dialer

To offer our clients the best service, support, and prices on our marketing tools and lists.
Help as many people achieve their goals as possible.
We promise to offer you support on our services and deliver quality.
We offer Predictive Dialers, Voice Broadcasters, Email Blasters, Aged Leads, and Marketing Lists for sales teams that sell either to consumers or to businesses.

Our Skills

Predictive Dialing 100
Voice Broadcasting 100
Email Marketing 100
Marketing Lists 100