Predictive Dialers

All of our predictive dialers come with all of the same options, the only two things that change are the amount of call time you can use each month and whether or not we provide the data for you.

All dialers provide you with:

  • Editable Caller ID
  • Dial on up to 5 Lines
  • Music on Hold
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Transfers
  • Call Recording
  • Email Capabilities
  • Basic CRM Functionality
  • Custom Dispositions
  • 100% FTC and DNC Compliant
  • Much More
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Voice Broadcaster

Our Voice-Broadcaster is to be used for B2B, Non-Profit, or Political Campaigns only.  Each package below comes with a set number of minutes and does not renew monthly.  You can re-fill your account anytime you run out of minutes.  These package prices are for minutes and usage only, no data is included at these rates.

All voice broadcasters provide you with:

  • Editable Caller ID
  • Make up to 10,000 calls per hour
  • Have press ones live transfer to you or leave a message on the system
  • Record all transfers
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Much More
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