Aged Final Expense Leads

Aged Final Expense Leads
Aged final expense leads are perfect for loading into a predictive dialer for agents wanting to sell final expense over the telephone.

We have them available for order.  You may only order state wide.  Minimum order is 100.  Prices are as follows

100-500 Leads = $1 each

501 -2500 Leads = $.75 each

2501+ Leads = […]

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Starting A New Call Center with Agents Dialer

Are you thinking about starting a new call center to help increase sales and productivity..?
Starting a new call center is very easy with the virtual call center services by Agents Dialer!!
Our virtual, hosted dialer software is a very cost effective, fast, and easy way to start a new call center or telemarketing company. Agents Dialer is […]

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Increase Talk Time and Contact Rates of Agents with a Predictive Dialer System

Learn How to Increase Agents Talk Time with a Predictive Dialer System
It’s very important to get the most of a every minute in a day, especially in competitive marketing like the insurance market.

Using a predictive dialer system will increase your agents talk time and contact rates, which has many benefits that help to save time […]

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Why Cold Calling Works

Cold Calling Study Reveals That Cold Calling Does Work
A recent study showed that cold calling is still a very legitimate way of generating leads and new clients.  In this study 10 agents were provided with a list of 1,000 names and numbers to call in an area they had not previously worked.  The agents were provided a script and they made calls for 4 hours per day over the course of one week.  This cold calling study revealed that out of the 10,000 numbers that were provided to the agents […]

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Bill the Insurance Agent Starts Cold Calling

Meet Bill, he is an insurance agent who is fed up with the lead companies providing him with terrible leads.  Bill decides to start generating his own leads by cold calling, at first Bill hates it because he is manually dialing everyone.  See the video and […]

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How To Legally Voice Broadcast

Voice Broadcast Laws
Learn more about how to legally voice broadcast

September 1, 2009 is a date I will never forget, this is the day the FTC outlawed voice broadcasting to consumers.   I was generating approximately 100 voice broadcast leads per day  for various agents and it was the easiest lead I ever generated, the computer literally […]

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What is a Dialer?

What is a Dialer is a very common question so let’s clear it up a little

What is a Dialer?  A Dialer also referred to predictive dialer, power dialer, call center software, or manual dialer.  These are some of the types of dialers, but the question What is a Dialer, a dialer is a software program […]

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Predictive Dialer Voip

Predictive Dialer VOIP
Predictive Dialers many times are using VOIP, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol.  This simply means you are using the internet as your phone service and not the traditional telephone companies lines.  VOIP is becoming very widely used all over the world for phone calling due mostly to its low cost and ease […]

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Auto Dialers

Auto Dialers are being used today for many things.  Some of the most common things they are being used for are lead generation, customer service, sales, and bill collection.  Before the auto dialer people would have to manually dial a number every time they wanted to call someone, now with auto dialers people and companies […]

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Voice Broadcasting or Robo Calling

Voice Broadcasting, What is it?
Voice Broadcasting also known as Robo Calling is pre recording a message and sending it people over the telephone with a computer operated dialing platform.  Voice broadcasting is a very inexpensive way to advertise your product.  You can send a pre recorded message out with a voice broadcaster to thousands of […]

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